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Remember who you are!

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 12, 2013, 12:18 PM
What's the point fighting for others when you are feeling unsure yourself? Living like an outcast taught me this lesson. You must feel inside yourself and understand your feelings. Your identity...when you know who you know that you are doing the right know that you can grab the future!

It is pointless to say that you'll grab your future when you don't feel sure about raising your hand to the sky...Find the courage...find it inside...inside you there is a great amound of power that you have never magined...It is there... It is waiting for you...

You can do it...and when you will look to a brighter sky...

...remember...who you are...


Signer-Yusei--Fudo's Profile Picture
Yusei Fudo
My name is Yusei Fudo. I am 18 years old. I live in Satellite of Domino City. Neo Domino is off limits for us! However...I am normally born in Neo Domino.
I play Duel Monsters and my friends helped me to make a D-wheel.
I am a Signer. I have the Bitemark of Crimson Dragon's Head. My key dragon is named Stardust Daragon.
I was caught by Security when I entered in Neo Domino without permision and gained a Marker on my face.
It was there when I realised my friend and worthy opponent Jack Atlas is also a Signer.
I'm determined to protect my friends at any cost! Satellite is in danger...I will protect my hometown! No matter what! I believe in my cards! They won't disappoint me!

When I was younger I used to be a member of Team Satisfaction. A gang leaded by my friend Kiryu Kyosuke. Me Crow Bullet and Jack Atlas ruled Satellite once...But that's a long and also past story.
I usually repair machenes to gain extra money. I am busy usually making new programs for the D-wheels and Riding duels but I try not to forget those I love and I care about.


[out of character]


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